Douce France

Just wanted to share a few pics from my recent trip to Southern France with my girlfriends. I hadn’t spend this much time with my friends in years – since I had the girls, really. Oh the fun we had. We laughed and we cried and we talked about life late into the nights. Oh, and the beauty of that place. Fields after fields of almond, peach, fig, and cherry trees. Green olive trees, red roses, white jasmine bushes and turquoise waters. My eyes and my nose are still high from so many colors and smells.

If you are interested in seeing more pics from the trip, head over to my my personal blog – you will find part 1 of the trip is here and part 2 here. Hope you like it!

All photos by me, except for the photo of me – it’s by my friend Valerie Boissel.

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4 Responses to “Douce France”
  1. Your trip looks amazing! We will be spending two weeks in France at the end of June for our five year anniversary! I need to hit you up for some reccs! We’re road tripping and spending the last 7 days in Provence and South of France (Nice). I can’t wait!!

  2. These photographs are stunning! It made me really miss France. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Ashley Rose says:

    These seriously belong in a magazine! Also, I’m incredibly jealous of your trip :)

  4. magalerie says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    They make ma want to hit the road. :)