Walk this way

Images: Left) Kate Spade ad; 2) unknown. Found here and here.

Hello friends! I’m back from my little vacation with my girlfriends in the South of France. I had planned to share some pictures from the trip with you guys today…but, long story short, my computer is still in the South of France enjoying some extra champagne. Don’t ask why…just know that I am probably the most absent minded girl you’ll ever know!

It was fantastic to disconnect from everything for a week and chat about life with the girls, catch up on the big and small things. We talked late into the night every night, about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we are going. Where we are going – aren’t we all trying to figure that one out? We walk on this little road that is familiar to us and it feels like we’ll be on that road forever – but the better or the worst . But all of a sudden something changes – sometimes we get to a big crossroad, and sometimes we just get bored and want to find a new path, a new direction. So we go back to our little map and try to figure out where to go, what to do. And we try to make the best out of what comes our way.

1. Triangle love iphone case by Jade Hemmins, via Society 6 |2. Miniature light fixtures by Against the Wood Grain |3. Arrow thank you cards by Native Bear |4. DIY triangle camera strap by Design Love Fest |5. Coral wood bangle by Voz Clothing and Art |6. Arrows print by Amy Marcella |7. Stripped arrow plates by Dahlhaus

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2 Responses to “Walk this way”
  1. Sarah B. says:

    The first photo is from a Kate Spade ad from a few years ago. And OHMYGOD! I love that camera strap.