{the colors of happiness} pure silliness

Image by Stephanie Rausser.

Since I am hanging out with my girlfriends as you’re reading this, I thought this image would be pretty appropriate for this week’s “colors of happiness”. And for all I know, we might very well be curled up in a blanket laughing uncontrollably right now :) I know, I know, we’re thirty years old now and we’re supposed to be all grown-up and all. But hey, being silly isn’t only for kids…at least I don’t think so. Hugs and kisses from Southern France, friends!

1. Washi tape set at Bahana Splits boutique.| 2. Wooden salad bowl in electric pink by Wind and Willow. | 3. Marimekko bottle at Huset Shop. | 4. Yellow stripe blanket at Father Rabbit.| 5. Bear on bike print by We and the Bean. | 6. Colorful glasses at Anthropologie. | 7. Orange salt and pepper bowls by Paulova.

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One Response to “{the colors of happiness} pure silliness”
  1. Hannah says:

    Thank you so much for including my Cath Kidston Washi Tape Set! What a beautiful blog post!