Maddie’s first birthday bash

We had miss Madeline’s first birthday party this weekend – and had such a good time!-, so I thought I’d share a few pictures with you guys.

Even though Madeline won’t remember this day when she’s big, I wanted to make it special and celebrate our little girl like nobody’s business. When I was little my parents worked a lot and they didn’t really have the time to do much for our birthdays – I mean, we always celebrated with cake but it was always rather simple. Nothing wrong with that, my parents did their very best, but now that I have my own little girls I like to find ways to make them feel special and come up with new family traditions. Things they will be able to remember when they get bigger.

We put up the garlands that I had made for Olivia’s birthday in January, spiced them up a little bit to match the theme “du jour” – Jungle animals. Oh how Madeline loved those garlands! I made her a birthday crown (of course) and I also glittered all I can – giant animals to decorate the table, some of party hats, cake topper, little animals to decorate the party favor bags. Everything’s better with butter glitter. Yep yep!

My husband even made his little viking princess a traditional Danish “kageman” (cake man) made out of sweet buns. With pretty red hair like his little girl. Yes, ladies, be very jealous, I have a man that bakes and he kicks ass 😉

And of course, per our new family tradition, we made a “when she grows up” poster just like the one I had made for Olivia in January, and had friends and family add what they think Madeline will be/do when she is older.  I love this tradition so much, it’s so fun to see what people come up with!

Oh, and you won’t believe it friends, but I BAKED! And I didn’t mess up the recipe this time. Miracles do happen!

I found this amazing triple-lemon and blueberry layer cake recipe, and also used this OH-SO-DELICIOUS lemon curd in between the cake layers. TO DIE FOR! Even if you tried to stop by our place today for leftovers, you’d be too late already. This cake is long gone!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend too, friends – hopefully filled with lemon caked and glitter like me!

PS: I didn’t make any detailed DIY instructions for any of these projects – but if you’re interested in knowing exactly how I made any of Madeline’s birthday decorations, just let me know and I’ll explain in another post.

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7 Responses to “Maddie’s first birthday bash”
  1. Maddie is such a precious little girl! She is so smiley! I love all the little details of the party, especially the poster! Looks like it was a lot of fun and a great success!

  2. Oh these party pictures are wonderful! Looks like you had a great time and the hats/cake/sweetbuns/posters all look amazing! Happy birthday Maddie!

  3. Alexa says:

    Oh I love how you styled everything. So gorgeous!

  4. Steph says:

    Oh my. Absolutely fab! Please, please, please DIY instructions – topper, glitter animals, hats, I love it all.

    • audrey says:

      Already then 😉 DIY instructions to come as soon as I make it back to NYC in June !

  5. Melie says:

    I haven t seen this post until… now! I like every detail! Such a good taste you have! :-) Love you all and miss you bad already!

  6. Deborah says:

    What a perfect first birthday party! I love the “when she grows up” poster idea.