{Live here, eat that} in Australia…

Ever since I started this little collaboration with my new Sydney-based friend on our “around the world DIY” project (see round #1 of our project here), I’ve started to pay more attention to what’s going on in Australia. And I found this gorgeous home photographed by one of my favorite Australian photographers, Anson Smart. He has some amazing work in his portfolio, like these gorgeous tables of flowers. And this house that I am showing you today. The minute I saw it I was smitten. I mean, hello, they have bunting all over the house – do they want me to move into their house or something? Totally my kind of house – a house where it’s party everyday pa-pa-pa party every day!

I can’t exactly put my finger on what it is that I love so much about this house, but when I look at the pictures I have this warm fuzzy feeling inside. In one glance you can tell that is made to be LIVED in – not just looked at. I can picture all of the good times this family is having there. The happiness and the laughter. A happy bunting house.

And since the little bunting triangles in the house made me so happy, I thought, let’s find some more triangles, why not! I know it’s not an Aussie dish, but I found these little nutella mallow pillow pockets by Picky Palate…and my stomach went “yum!”

And I’d bet anything that these will also give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside – except for this time around the warm fuzzy feeling will come from your belly. Find the recipe for the nutella mallow pillow pockets on Picky Palate.

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7 Responses to “{Live here, eat that} in Australia…”
  1. Gorgeous pictures. Also, I have to stop reading your blog early in the morning when I’m hungry. The pastry looks delicious!

  2. Gloria says:

    There’s definitely a feeling of warmth and love in this beautiful home!

  3. The Husband has been on a Nutella kick lately; I may have to surprise him with these! And I love the “mod turret” on this house.

  4. Alexa says:

    Oh I love that house. The little girl’s room is just darling! :)

  5. Savage Seeds says:

    Gorgeous home! Love all the color and light.