{hoot hoot} Little Goodall

Some of your might have seen/remember my daughter Olivia’s lion jacket handmade by the wonderful Molly at Little Goodall. My little Olive loves her jacket so much that it’s almost the only thing she wants to wear, really. Just imagine this little lion girl chasing after pigeons in the streets of New York city!
Little Olive and her jacket.

And man, did I make friends with other moms on the playground because of that jacket – best conversation starter in history of mommy-hood. AND it gets us so many smiles from strangers. Really, that little jacket is a whole lot of goodness…

Well, it looks like there a lot more goodness coming our way from Little Goodall, because today Molly is releasing a new jacket – the sweetheart owl jacket. And you guys are the first ones to see this beauty because she sent just sent these pictures to my inbox!

Her new little owl jacket is beyond adorable….I wish Molly made this for people my size! She is so talented at her craft and she has so much imagination, it blows my mind. And she also gives the best service to her customers – she’s got to be one of my favorite vendors on Etsy right now.

Make sure to go check out her store!

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7 Responses to “{hoot hoot} Little Goodall”
  1. I absolutely love these. How do you always find such beautiful, unique things?

  2. Those are both awesome!

  3. Karen Bayer says:

    Love this blog! I added it to my reader!
    I love molly’s things! I even featured her fox coat in my blog!


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Adorable! And, what Michelle said: how DO you find so many wonderful things? 😉

  5. Sonal says:

    I love your blog. So cute. I just received the blue fox coat for my 4 yr old son… it’s sooooo adorable! I hope that he loves it as much as your daughter loves her lion one.