{live here, eat that} funfetti fest

Who doesn’t like a little (or a lot!) of funfetti? And you, my friends, are getting funfettied today on this blog :) If there was ever a funfetti house, then it would be this fun Danish house that I found via Marie Claire Maison.

You won’t be surprised when I tell you that this house belongs to Charlotte Geniau, the woman behind Rice – one of my very favorite brands. Just like all of the things she designs, her house is filled with fun, color and sweetness. Everything is playful – that’s something I’ve always love, a house that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Her home is much more colorful than your typical Danish home – but you can still feel the Danish influence in the white floors and other white pieces (like the couch) that she included to balance things out a bit. I’m so in love with this house I might just have to email Charlotte and ask her if she needs a roommate – I’ll keep my room tidy and clean, Charlotte, I promise.

Oh, and since today is funfetti fest on my blog, here is something that you HAVE to make next time to invite your friends over for a little cup of coffee – funfetti marshmallows by Raspberri Cupcakes.

It will be you, your friends, and a big bowl of pretty marshmallows to talk about this little thing called life for hours and hours. Doesn’t that sound kind of good? Find the recipe for these funfetti marshmallows by Raspberri Cupcakes here.

Have a lovely day, friends!


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4 Responses to “{live here, eat that} funfetti fest”
  1. oh so lovely! the funfetti marshmallows are perfect for these colourful interiors
    x kat

  2. Gloria says:

    Oh my goodness, I want to live in this colorful house! How fun!

  3. hena tayeb says:

    Same here… I want to live there and eat that.. brilliant

  4. Savage Seeds says:

    Super cute house and super cute food! Adorbs.. I want it all :)