{live here, eat that} vintage and modern

A lot of you told me how much you loved the house that I featured last week, so I decided to feature another lovely house from Scandinavia this week. In this one, a lot of vintage items and collectibles, but all arranged in a beautiful modern fashion. There are so many lovely little details everywhere in this house that I don’t really know where to start.

For example, I can’t get over the gorgeous floor in the entry way. Someday when I own a house I’d love to paint my entry way with color like they did in this house or also here, here and here. Will I ever dare? The bets are open!

And look, their doggy isn’t left out from this detail fest either: Notice the bunting above his bowls?! That’s what I am talking about when I say attention to details people! Their kitchen is in the end very simple, but bright and inviting.

I love the color palette that they used throughout the house. A lot of details in greens and blues which help give the house this very natural feel. I also spot gorgeous cushions by By Nord – one of my favorite Scandinavian brands.

They also added windows inside the house (a bit like this other house I featured recently), and I’m such a big fan of that.  The rooms are connected yet more private than in a regular open floor plan. The light (my friend!) can easily flow from one room to another. And let’s admit it, these windows are just so playful!

I couldn’t feature all of the gorgeous pictures from this beautiful house, so please make sure to go check out the rest of them here.

And with that, I will serve you this lovely classic dessert with a bit of a modern twist: a lime custard with raspberries by Béa from La Tartine Gourmande. You see, today is all about revisiting our classics, and adding the right amount of details – whether at home or in your plate.

This is one of the desserts that will disappear from the plates before you even hand them out – so make sure go check out the recipe on Béa’s blog, La Tartine Gourmande (it’s in English too). And I dare you to visit her blog without licking your lips!

Source: Picture of Scandinavian house by Living Agency. Recipe images by La Tartine Gourmande.

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2 Responses to “{live here, eat that} vintage and modern”
  1. dalton says:

    This is my first time on your blog. Wow. So, so many pretty images. The house you featured is so inspiring. Such a great combination of vintage and eclectic things- and the perfect pops of color. Can’t wait to see what you feature next!

  2. Oh ! J’aime, j’adore, c’est trop beau !