{rock it yourself} a wall of birds

Spring officially joined us yesterday, can I hear you shout a big HURRAY?!! Trees blooming. Flowers in the garden. The smell of the very first barbecues. And the sight of birds flying in the evening sky. Spring birds, they make me so happy. Hence why I came up with this little project to turn scraps of fabric into flying birds.

Keep on reading for the tutorial.

What you need:
– paper
– scraps of fabric (avoid fabric that doesn’t absorb water well)
– liquid starch (I bought non-aerosol sprayable starch and poured some in a bowl)
– a clean sponge
– scissors
– fabric pen or chalk.

What you do:
1) Print out our free birds printable (you can click to view then print, or right click to save the file) & cut out the birds.
2) Using the birds you just cut in paper, trace the outline of the birds on the fabric using your fabric pen or chalk.
3) Cut out the fabric birds. Don’t worry about traces of chalk or pen, they will disappear when you apply the starch.
4) Hold each bird on your wall and gently tap with the sponge to apply the starch until it is soaked with it. Please note: don’t attempt this on walls covered with wallpaper.
5) Let the birds dry. You’re done!

And the best thing about this project – it won’t damage your walls. When you want the birds out, just peel them off and you’re done!

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One Response to “{rock it yourself} a wall of birds”
  1. Gloria says:

    Oooh I gotta try this! What a cute project!