{treat yourself} breakfast in bed + passion fruit & banana parfait

1. A pretty tray of flowers by Woonideeen, via Zowieso. |2. Colorful tray for a happy morning. Folk stripe tray in red or aqua by Arytrays, available at Gretel Home. |3. Lovely bedroom for a quiet sunny morning. Via Lisa Leonard’s blog, source unknown (unfortunately).

When you have a toddler and a baby in your house, Sunday mornings are…well, not lazy, to say the least. The girls are usually up early and like to let us know about it. We always hope that they’ll just snuggle in bed with us so we can sleep another hour, but after a whole 2 minutes of snuggling, they are pulling us out of bed to go get breakfast. So lazy Sunday mornings in bed have completely disappeared from our life. Oh I love my little girls, don’t get me wrong, but boy do I miss my Sunday mornings. Sleeping late. Having breakfast in bed. Reading a good book under the blankets and not letting go of it for hours and hours.

But since all that won’t be possible around our neck of the woods for a little (long) while, we try to find other ways to make Sunday mornings a little special. Like having these delicious passion fruit & banana parfaits with our morning tea. Pure bliss.They are delicious, take five minutes to make, and will make sure your start your Sunday in happy mode. You’ll find the recipe below.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

For two people, you will need:
– Greek-style yogurt
– your favorite honey (I’m currently in LOVE with Agave Nectar)
– You favorite granola
– 1 banana
– 1 passion fruit

What you do:
1. Cut banana in slices. Put in bowl.
2. Cut passion fruit in halves. Empty the content of the fruit in the bowl with the banana slices. Mix together.
3. In a serving glass or cup, alternate layers of yogurt, a little honey, granola, fruit. Repeat as necessary.
4. Enjoy!

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