{Shopping for you} Let’s get lost

Got lost in beautiful Denmark on a warm Spring day. And I loved every minute of it.

Getting lost. It is a scary thought for most people. We all have our own little world. It’s a comfortable one. Everything is easy. It feels safe and we know how to operate it. So why should we care to leave it for some scary unknown destination? I myself struggle with this every day. After living in many different countries, you’d think I wouldn’t…but I do. It’s just what we humans naturally look for: safety and comfort. But can we grow if we always stay where it’s comfortable? I’ve come to push myself to go out and get lost in the world – and see what unfolds from it. I don’t know about you, but I want to go meet the world rather than to wait for the world to someday, maybe, come to me.

Of course it is scary, but a couple things help: first is, surround yourself by the people you love, and you’ll see that getting lost can actually be tons of fun. The second thing is, it gets easier with practice. And the good news is, you don’t have to move to China to get out of your comfort zone. Getting lost can be done right here, right now. Drive to a city you’ve never been to. Go see a foreign movie even if you don’t understand the language. Sign up for a class to learn something you’ve always dreamed of learning but never had the guts to.

All it takes, really, is one little step forward. And even though you can’t see the way as you step forward, I promise you that you’re going to like the journey.

1. This little family of handmade fabric dolls by Timo Handmade reminds me that everything is always easier with the people you love around you.
2. Modcloth called this gorgeous dress the Trip Planning dress – how perfect? Love the mix of patterns and the lace details. So now, put on a pretty dress, get together with your friends and start planning your new adventures!
3. Just in case you need a little reminder on your walls. Let’s get lost print by Vapor Qualquer.
4. These nautical bracelets by Iskra Creations would make me feel like a modern day sailor ready to sail to the unknown.
5. A pretty little notebook to write about whatever comes your way. Handmade screen-printed eco-friendly journal by Cutiepie Company.
6. And of course, one pretty little bag to always have what you need with you. Water resistant Stockholm messenger bag by Ika Bags.

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2 Responses to “{Shopping for you} Let’s get lost”
  1. I haven’t been exploring in a long time – I’ve been inspired :-)

  2. ikabags says:

    This is so amazing !

    Thank you for supporting handmade work !

    Thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful selection and for thinking of IKABAGS !