{live here, eat that} Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our dear Leo was quite right with that one. Sometimes, there is nothing like simplicity. Look at this beautiful house in San Feliz, California, which was decorated by the very talented Alexandra Angle. It’s beautifully unpretentious. Not too many details, not too few either. Just what you need to make a home feel like home. And my, did you see that garden? If I lived there I don’t think I could decide whether to live inside or outside. That door that goes from the bedroom to the backyard? Pure genius, I tell you.

If I close my eyes, I can see it, it’s right there. A warm summer night, the garden lit up with luminarias, and all of my friends gathered outside around a lovely dinner table, chatting, holding a glass of wine…and eating this delicious jicama and watermelon salad by Melina Hammer. It almost sounds too good to be true. Oh. Wait. It’s not. My bad, friends, I can get a little carried away sometimes 😉

Photography house Los Feliz: Lucas Allen
Photography of Jicama & watermelon salad: Melina Hammer

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3 Responses to “{live here, eat that} Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
  1. Soaz says:

    ohhhhh you know it! I WANT that wallpaper!!!
    pi je veux aussi le hamac, et pi zut, la maison toute entière tiens, mais …pas les californiens!!!! 😉

  2. christelle says:

    Tu as vraiment de superbes sélections sur ton site : c’est frais et coloré, j’aime beaucoup ! (je me permets de t’écrire en Français car j’ai lu dans ton “à propos” que tu étais Française) À bientôt !

    • audrey says:

      Merci Christelle! :) Et oui oui, tu peux te permettre le francais – je devrais pouvoir gerer 😉