Five things that made me smile this week

{1 – walks} I love walks. I can clear my mind, breathe some fresh air – well ok, semi-fresh, I do live in NYC after all. But I like walks even more when they take me to my favorite shops. This week I escaped for a few hours to go to Purl Bee in Soho. I love to check out their new creations, and I could spend hours looking at the beautiful fabrics and endless rows of yarn. If you ever come to NYC, go check out their store!

{2 – crepes} This week was “mardis gras” – Fat Tuesday-, and so we made crepes. Like every year when I was a little girl and my siblings and I would stuff ourselves with my mom’s delicious crepes and beignets until our stomachs exploded.

{3 – giggles} Best part of my week? Hands down watching these two play together and laughing until their bellies hurt. The sleepless nights that we went through last fall were oh so worth it.

{4 – ferry boats} Alright, I am going to sound like our dear Dr Mcdreamy, but I do love ferry boats. There is just something about them. This week I took the ferry that goes from Manhattan to IKEA in Brooklyn, and even though the weather wasn’t even that nice on that day, I smiled the entire ride. Go figure.

{5 – littles notes} An easy and thoughtful DIY by Oh Hello Friend to share little happy notes with a person you love every day, even if you can’t see them. Danni is so right, one message a a day truly keeps the clouds away.

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