{Live here, eat that} on a happy, sunny day

It happens every year. Every September I long for winter to arrive already so that I can wear my big sweaters and my pretty boots. But then comes February and I am kinda sorta really over winter. What do you want, I am a girl, I change my mind. Or maybe I’m just wise – you know the saying, “A wise man changes his mind, a fool never”.

Today I want happy, sunny, warm days. I want to be sipping raspberry lemonade in the shade of a tree. Oh well. That will have to wait.Instead I am going to close my eyes right now, and dream that I am living in this house and eating these delicious blue Fish tacos on a sunny, happy day.

This house is the house of Marlous, the owner of a lovely Etsy shop call Planet Fur (go check it out!). Marlous and her husband bought this house in the Netherlands a few years ago, renovated it and filled it with tons of little treasures that they gathered through the years. If I lived in a house like Marlous, I don’t know that I could ever feel grumpy again. Ever. If you would like to read more about Marlous and her house, click here.

Oh, and having a plate filled with these amazing blue Fish Tacos by Aran of Canelle et Vanille also would help make any day a happy day! I am getting hungry just by looking at her lovely pictures. Go to Canelle et Vanille’s blog to find the recipe here.

Happy Friday everybody! xxx

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2 Responses to “{Live here, eat that} on a happy, sunny day”
  1. You really brightened up my day today… thanks for sharing these fabulous pictures… what a lovely, cosy and pretty home! It makes me want to totally redecorate my very Scandinavian house with lots of colour…

    And the recipe looks delicious… the textures, the colours… Aran is fantastic!

  2. audrey says:

    haha Elizabeth – Scandinavian house are amazing though! Don’t get rid of that fell, just find ways to add rays of sunshine throughout your place :)